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The Olympic Delivery Authority Annual Report


The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) is today publishing its Annual Report and Accounts for 2011–2012, a year which saw its venues completed on time and under budget, and with the Olympic Park and Olympic and Paralympic Village handed over in January to the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).


Publishing the Annual Report, ODA Chairman, Sir John Armitt said:


“The venues that will be seen in billions of homes across the world this summer were completed on time and firmly within our overall budget. These venues show off the best of British – high quality sports facilities designed by the best, built by the best, to be used by the best.


“They were built with long-term use and sustainability in mind, not just for the Games this summer.  We are confident that they will leave an impact that transforms this part of east London.


“This is a terrific success for UK plc. The businesses which have worked with us share in this achievement, from the Delivery Partner CLM, to the smallest company far distant from London but still a valued part of the London 2012 supply chain. It is a triumph for the more than 46,000 workers who built the Olympic Park. 


“At every turn since 2005, the UK has proved that it can compete with the best, win, deliver, and do what it promised. We will do so again this summer.”


Over the past year the London 2012 ‘big build’ has been completed, with work on the last major venue, the Aquatics Centre, being finished one year before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. The 10 key milestones (see pages 52 - 55) that the ODA set itself have been successfully met. 


Sport and Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson said:


“When the eyes of the world are looking at the UK over the summer we shouldn’t forget the huge amount of work that has gone into completing all the venues. They are going to show off Britain at its greatest and have a truly profound effect not only on London and the country but in also leaving a real legacy for years to come.


“A huge number of people have been working tirelessly behind the scenes getting these stunning venues in such great shape. They, along with the ODA, have done an excellent job and should be congratulated in finishing the project to schedule and under budget.”


In 2012 the ODA also completed the temporary venues for Water Polo and Shooting. During the Games, it has responsibility for spectator transport for out of London venues, enforcement of advertising and trading regulations, and will be supporting LOCOG on the Olympic Park. 


After the Games, the ODA will be transforming the Olympic and Paralympic Village ready for its homes to be occupied by families, adding kitchens and removing partitions, as well as closing out commercial contracts and removing temporary facilities on and off the Olympic Park. 


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